"No company ever made a nickel of profit by making plans; Profit flows from the implementation of plans. The aim of strategic planning is to formulate superior strategies and to implement them effectively."

George Steiner - strategic planning pioneer


"True leadership will come when leadership is willing to give up its monopoly on strategy and involve all individuals in an organizational discussion of destiny and legacy."

Gary Hamel - co-author of "Competing for the Future"


"Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things."

Peter Drucker - the man who invented management theory



"John led our Leadership Team through an intensive, 2-day session of open, frank, and candid discussions. These resulted in the team’s commitment to achieve short-term (two year) and longer-term (five year) goals. All in all, time well spent."

Stan C. Feuerberg President & CEO, NOVEC – Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative

"The Myrna process is by far the most structured planning process I've been involved with. It is great."

Rick Werner President, Independence Tube Corporation

"John Myrna just concluded a 2 day strategic planning session for our company. It has solidified the trust and commitment of our team and has provided our company with an actionable strategic plan to achieve our vision."

Gene Konczal, General Manager, Providencia USA

"George Fowler, and the Myrna Strategic Planning Process, was the piece of the business that had eluded Exacto in the last several years. Our team is a fantastic one, from a creative level, but we lack the discipline piece for accountable follow-through. George has helped us, in two short days, to mature professionally, which will begin to guide us to solid growth. Thank you!"

Diana L. Braun, President Exacto Inc.

"John, you have been the only person to be able to come into our group and successfully facilitate a path for growth. Wonderful system ... Speed & Action!"

Jordan Harper, COO, Harrison, Walker & Harper, Inc.

"John brought a great deal of insightful, strategic planning process to our community!"

Donna Stites - COO, Greater Southwest Development Corp.

"John was a great facilitator for our strategic planning session. He made us think the unthinkable, discuss the un-discussable and chart a path for success."

Prince Niyyar, President, Commdex

"This process, simply put, is incredible! It is streamlined, it is concise and I have no doubt, it works."

Joe Elphick, President, 3C Packaging

"The process of strategic planning conducted by Myrna Associates helped our team immensely to focus on achievable goals as part of our Strategic Plan. The end results of breaking the plan down into an action plan for the next 90 days gives us immediate results! We will be working with Myrna for years to come."

Rick Dekker, President and CEO, Dekker Vacuum Technologies Inc.

"As CEO of our company, I highly recommend every company use Myrna Associates and its process to establish their plans. Myrna takes the pain out of establishing a plan and the actions to achieve it."

John K. Nagy, CFO, The IFH Group Inc.

"Myrna Associates' strategic planning process has directly contributed to our five-fold increase in EBITDA." 

Robert Posten, Managing Director, tns Landis Strategy & Innovation

"The meeting was a watershed event for the organization. In two intense days, 11 staff members representing activity in five states and diverse backgrounds and interests were able to reach profound agreements about the essential qualities of the organization and a clear road map to move forward today."

Dan Heit, President, Abraxas Group Inc.

"We are impressed with the results. Outstanding and truly amazing!"

Thomas F. P. Sullivan, President, Government Institutes Inc.

"I'm all pumped up because we've been here for 70 years and now we have a plan."

Gail Ludewig, President, TotalWorks Inc.

"The Myrna Process is an excellent, structured process for the development of strategic initiatives."

George F. Dunham, President, SymCom Inc.

"Myrna Associates brought us an exceptional Strategic Planning process. I would endorse Myrna and the process to anyone thinking of doing a Strategic Planning Session."

Jeff Schrand, President, Presto Foods

"Your process is more effective than the ones I used to run in the Fortune 500. Over a two-day period you herded our group of cats to a do-able consensus plan which left us all excited."

John Muncaster, President, Polyguard Products

"The Myrna process is the most efficient approach to strategic planning that I have ever been involved in. This process results in a very exciting plan that will help create considerable value to RPC."

Pat Derry, Owner, Rockford Process Control Inc.

"Myrna's strategies and techniques for strategic planning consistently produce important achievable goals for our company."

Ron Sutton, Vice President, Standard Auto Parts

"In two days we've accomplished more in terms of gaining control of our future and focusing our efforts to reach our goals than in the previous 15 years. I'd whole-heartedly recommend TQP to any CEO or owner who wants to set his company's future rather than react to the present."

Lawrence J. Butler, President, Butler Capital

"Having experienced the Myrna process, I am convinced it is the most practical and efficient strategic planning process available to a business, regardless of size!"

Arthur R. Velasquez, Chairman, President & CEO, Azteca Foods Inc.

"The Post-Tensioning Institute has utilized Myrna Associates on two occasions to update our strategic plan. Both experiences were very successful and a testament to the effectiveness of the Myrna approach and staff. I would strongly recommend Myrna Associates to anyone interested in quickly developing an effective strategic plan that will advance their organization."

Theodore L. Neff, Executive Director, Post-Tensioning Institute

"The process provides so much more than just a good plan for the coming year. I have found that the process energizes the management team and the entire company as the plan is discussed. It enables me to evaluate the team from a number of different perspectives, for example, ability to think strategically, ability to work with each other, ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, etc. There is no question that Companion is a better operation because of our participation in this Myrna process.

Companion is A-rated because, in part, of this planning process."

Charles M. Potok, President, Companion Property & Casualty

"Myrna Associates provided a fantastic strategic planning session for our executive team. The session compressed into a two-day period provided identification of initiatives down to the first 90-day action steps to insure success. No touchy-feely stuff but a real process with real results,"

Jeff Badgley, Co-CEO, Miller Industries Inc.

"This is the most complete and valuable plan that I have ever been associated with. I am proud to present this plan and I thank the PASS Executive Board for its commitment to our members."

Thomas Brantley, President, Professional Airways Systems Specialists

"Myrna Associates has helped build a more cohesive Senior Management Team through facilitating strategic thinking. (Looking at our company through the CEO's eyes.) The second year we achieved a 100% improvement over a positive first year." 

Dolf Kahle, President and CEO, Visual Marking Systems

"Myrna Associates has assisted MPT greatly in establishing its strategic plan ...a unique knowledge and talent was demonstrated on all levels to bring this about in a most enjoyable manner."

Larry D. Unger, EVP and COO, Maryland Public Television

"We have been planning for 10 years with success! You facilitated the best ever meeting! We left filled with clear vision, forward plans and a committed team. See you for [the] review meetings!"

Robert S. Kaminski, CEO, Continental/Midland

"I strongly encourage companies to use Myrna Associates for strategic planning. Most important is to utilize quarterly meetings to keep on track and continue the process moving forward."

Len Harder, President, Morgan Bronze Products Inc.

"I have been involved with many similar strategy planning meetings. Few have been as well structured or focused as this one. Our team obtained the intended result, a specific plan to achieve the goals we defined. The facilitator gained the respect of the team and assured the tasks were accomplished."

Leif Goodson, President and CEO, Bunch & Associates Inc.

"This is our ninth year of strategic planning. We started at ten million and we're at fifty million now. We only have two of the same players left, which means that we continue to upgrade our staff. Without you, I don't know if that would have been possible, you've have always pointed us in the right direction. You've dragged out the information that we had to get out. I continue to recommend you everywhere as you well know. The thought of not doing it with you is a scary thought for me. We did try someone else along the way and the product is not the same."

Paul Barnett, CEO, Principal Manufacturing Corporation

"Impressive .... accomplished more in two days than our last effort that took 9 months, $60,000 and thousands of man-hours."

Chip Harper, President, Harrison, Walker & Harper

"In a world where fluff is fashionable, it is a pleasure to see a practical approach to such an important activity as Strategic Planning."

Morgan Hall, Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity, University of Maryland

"We had two very intensive and productive days, the best strategic planning Perfect Plastic Printing has ever done. Our team remained focused and was comfortable with the process. We accomplished more in two days than other planning sessions which have lasted weeks. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Ted Liberkowski, VP Corporate Development, Perfect Plastic Printing

"We knew we had a great need for a strategic planning meeting for our company. After the high recommendation we had received regarding your program, we had high expectations. What a meeting and great presentation and program you gave us! Our team was inspired and motivated, and we wish to express our sincere appreciation. I am sure that your program will provide us with the plan and focus we need for future success. We look forward to working with you in the future and wanted to express thanks for sharing your planning skills with us."

Mary Ella Gabler, President and CEO, Peacock Alley Inc.

"By involving management and key board members in the planning process, we made more strategic progress in the last quarter than we did over the past two years!"

Joseph S. Bracewell, Chairman, Century National Bank

"This planning process was excellent. We set some exciting five-year visions and established some very specific actions that can make it work."

Louis Glunz, President, Regis Technologies Inc. 

"A short note to thank you a whole lot for the super Planning Meeting, and the outstanding 'Strategic Planning Retreat Summary' I received on my desk this morning. Your facilitation and the outcome far exceeded any expectations!! (And I know I was a very tough customer!) Thank you again, and hope we meet again in the future!"

Ada-Helen Bayer, Research Psychologist, Aerospace Sciences Inc.

"I believe you have left us with a plan for the future that will be followed and successful. In the past several years we have taken advantage of a number of learning opportunities that have included team building, lean, and other programs. In retrospect these have all been tactical. They helped us to get the job done and have been successful but have not been to the level I have wanted. I now understand that in the past we lacked long-term goals. Now that we have specific goals set with the help of strategic planning, we will be able to effectively use the tools we have learned over the last few years. Thanks for your insight and guidance."

Charlie Cretors - Chairman, C. Cretors & Company

"This is the 3rd planning meeting for Sabtech and the first and best we've had. John, we will do it again and again with you!! You are simply great!!"

Rahim Sabadia, President, Sabtech Industries


"John and his team helped my organization make a dramatic step change in our approach and our effectiveness. It was an invaluable process: fast, energetic, and extremely relevant."

Eboo Patel, President, The Interfaith Youth Core

"In the more than twelve strategic planning meetings I've been involved in, we have never been able to validate our process. [This process] has confirmed our progress and this increased our management team's excitement about the sometimes-draining strategic planning process."

Kevin Larson, Senior Vice President, Employee Benefit Management Services Inc.

"For only 48 hours of effort, fun, struggle and finally success, you can chart a path to future success. Pratt has developed a deep relationship with John Myrna over the past ten years, one that transcends the normal, because quite simply, John is delightfully abnormal."

Dan Pratt, President, Pratt Corporation

"I have participated in many strategic planning sessions; this was the most concise, thought-provoking and team-oriented [session] I have been part of."

Bob Underwood, FB Johnston Graphics

"This is one of the few times I've been in one of these settings where not only did we accomplish what I expected but far beyond my expectations. Basically that stems from the leadership of John and George. Even if the Board came together with every intent of doing an outstanding job, or the best job they could, without the direction by the facilitator we would not nearly have accomplished what we have accomplished this weekend."

Gerry Serody, CEO & Chairman, CARE Pharmacies Inc.

Norbert O. Kaiser, CEO, Kamco Plastics 

"Your system is great! My planning team members had high regard for the success of our meeting. Yesterday, I met with about a dozen CEOs and highly recommended you and your system. No doubt you'll be hearing from them."

J. Michael Sheaffer, President, Hi-Line Electrical & Mechanical Specialty Products

"I heartily recommend the 2-day strategic planning session to other CEOs. Gathering your senior managers together to focus as company owners creates a fabulous forum for identifying underlying problems as well as creating a dynamic, useful, and agreed-upon strategic plan. I look forward to seeing the results of our meeting in the short term and beyond."

Claire W. Kincaid, President, EEI Communications

Mark Danemann, President and CEO, Siriusware

"The Myrna process gave us the structure and focus to understand where we are, where we want to be, and a means to get from here to there. After several years of unsuccessfully trying to do this ourselves, we're pleased to have had this opportunity and a great facilitator to achieve this."

Harley L. Moore, Chairman, Principal, Lea+Elliott Inc.

"Stimulating, invigorating and, most importantly, productive. Good stuff."

Professor Colin Turner, Futuremedia Plc

"You are one of the best in the marketing industry. It has been a personal pleasure dealing with you."

Larry J. Ellison, founder / CEO, ORACLE Corporation

"My recommendation for a strategic planning facilitator, no matter when you do it, is John Myrna."

Joseph R. Mancuso, President, Chief Executive Officers Club

"The Myrna process has spoiled us for all other programs and consultants!"
(Commenting on the quantity and quality of deliverables following a Myrna meeting.)

Michelle Michalke, Executive Administrative Assistant, Wurster Construction Company Inc.

"Our session together was really the first time for many to be drawn into the big picture. ... Now I feel that I have a number of soul mates and allies in the big-picture planning. By having more time to reflect on my group's thinking, I have a better understanding of where my people are in their development as managers and business planners."

Lucy Caldwell-Stair, Publisher, Thompson Publishing Group

"There is no way we could have accomplished what we did with this group in any other way. I consider this money well-spent. Am I willing to be a reference? Hell, I'll go on TV if you want."

Chuck Lyon, Executive Vice President, RPI

"Definitely helped give us a needed focus ... helped develop a consistent dialog needed to move ahead."

Jeremiah H. Shaw, President, Blue Blade Steel